My name is Craig Findley. I was born an 80s kid.  I grew up being one of the smart kids in class, always got good grades, and always played sports outside of school.  I wasn’t ever good enough to make teams for anything I tried out for but I kept playing at home because it was what I liked.  I liked to think of it as being decent at just about any sport I tried to play but not really good at any one thing.  Except golf, I stink at golf.


That's me running to the finish at the 2014 Columbus Mill Race Marathon!

Fast forward to 2011.  I was a happy guy, I was engaged to my now-wife, I played softball a couple times a week, I smoked and I drank (moderately).  I didn’t have anything wrong with how I lived my life.  A friend of mine on one of my softball teams asked me to join him on his indoor soccer team.  I love soccer!  I hadn’t played since elementary, though.  I remember that first game well.  August 2011.  I struggled running to keep up in the game.  I damn near passed out!  I made my wife drive home after the game I felt so bad!  I made the decision that night that I was going to quit smoking.  I was so embarrassed by how difficult that game was for me.  I indulged myself that weekend and on Monday I quit smoking cold turkey and went for my first ever voluntary run.  It was for 1 mile and the start on the best adventure of my life.

As far as milestones go in my running/multi sport career goes, I completed my first half marathon in May of 2013.  My first sprint triathlon was shortly after in August, 2013.  In May, 2014 I did an Olympic triathlon followed by a 70.3 Ironman in July.  In August I jumped all the way up to doing Ironman Louisville!  A full 140.6 miles!  One after my first ever triathlon and 3 years to the month after quitting smoking.  A month after IM Louisville I finished my first marathon.  Yes, an Ironman has a marathon distance run at the end but the two don’t really compare.

What does the future hold for my multi sport career?  Well, in 2015 I am training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  At my age, I will need to run under 3 hour and 10 minutes at a sanctioned marathon to be able to register for Boston. (commonly called a BQ for Boston qualifier)  I will probably make 2 attempts at it through the year.  Training takes a lot of time and it doesn’t make sense to run more marathons than this to reach my goal.  I’m currently sitting on a 3:35 first marathon so I’ve got some work to do!  I plan to do more Ironman events, also.  Both 70.3 and 140.6 events.  I may return to Louisville or end up going elsewhere for a new challenge.  I’m also thinking about doing some ultra distance marathons.  Hell, 26.2 miles beats the crap out of you!  Why not keep going!!!
OK so this might have ended up being longer than I thought it would be.  I hope I can inspire people who want to quit smoking, people sitting on their couches and just everybody thats looking for a little extra boost.  Some of the best rewards and compliments I can get are when friends ask me for advice or just gain something by following me.  Come hang out with me here.  We’ll have some fun and learn some stuff together.


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