Eagle Creek Sprint duathlon

On June 10th I participated in the Eagle Creek duathlon.  I decided not to participate in the sprint triathlon.  Partly because I had only had about 5 pool swims under my belt at the time, but also because I thought the water was going to be really cold!  Haha.  Low and behold we had a string of warm days before the event and the water ended up being 74°.  Oh well.

Looking at last years duathlon results I figured I could place fairly well if the participation was similar.  On arrival, I saw one guy that I knew from Strava and figured he would win the duathlon(he did).  Everyone else was up in the air.  

The first run was a 2 miler.  I took off in the front and about 4 of us showed our pace at the beginning.  The guy I mentioned earlier was an extra step in front of the rest of us.  I stayed in 4th through the run and averaged 6:45 pace.  In tranasition I happened to be racked by the guy who was 3rd.  I left transition in front of him.  And I wasnt even that fast.

I pushed as hard as I was able on the 10 mile bike course.  My heart rate never dropped below 170.  One guy passed me on course and that was it.  He wasnt a duathlete, though.  It was a decent bike but I was a little slower than I had hoped.  No big deal, back to my run shoes.

I pushed back up the hill out of transition and settled into a pace under 7 min/mi for the 3 mile run.  I was hoping for a little more pace but it was all I had.  I saw the guy in 2nd place and knew I wasnt going to be able to reach him.  I was closing in on him but the gap was too far.  Back to the hill at the end and this time it was down hill.  I heard footsteps beating behind me and didnt want whoever it was to pass me.  I gave all I had left.  Whoever it was didnt pass me.  I pegged my HR and was fighting back throwing up as I crossed the line.  Yes, like really close to puking.  Haha.
I finished 3rd in the duathlon.  I was happy with my time and know I can work out a few more minutes off my time.  I wasnt in great shape this early in my shortened season.  Yes, it wasnt a fast field, but I dont care!  Haha.  I doubt I will be doing the duathlon this year again, but I had a lot of fun and wont say I wouldnt do it again.


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